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Wool Facility Blackall

Queensland Wool Processors Pty Ltd

QWool is developing a new end to end Wool Processing Facility

It is time that Australia stops exporting greasy wool so that others get the benefit of the value adding of our world class wool.

for a great investment opportunity!

Huge Economic Benefit

for Regional Queensland

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The facility will establish 137 direct jobs when operational.

Estimated Revenue

A total amount of $47.7 million is estimated for annual direct revenue.

Market Dominance

Reduce wool industry's reliance on China as a single market.

Australia has the potential to grow
and re-establish prominence 
in the wool industry

Australia is a dominant player in the global wool market, producing nearly 20% of all greasy wool.

However, only 84% of this is exported as unprocessed greasy wool!

It is time this value add is done in Australia!

The Goals

Queensland Wool Processors Pty Ltd (QWool) aims are to:

Develop a wool processing plant located in Blackall, Queensland;

Use 14 million kg of Australian merino greasy wool to produce and market both Scoured wool (3.0 Million kg/year) and either White or Dyed Wool Tops (5.9 Million kg per year) ;

Establish a new input supply chain from the wool producers to the QWool processing plant to improve efficiency and reduce costs to both the grower and process plant;

Establish partnerships with customers who will benefit from a significantly simplified logistic chain;

Future proof the Australian wool industry from external threats (market closure for greasy wool due to foot and mouth disease, break-down of the supply chain through China, or the introduction of punitive tariffs) ;

Provide a real and substantial market incentive for the growth of national sheep herd to it previous numbers, and

Drive further regional economic growth and development in Western Queensland.

The Blackall Plant

The Blackall plant will be the newest technology utilising modern manufacturing techniques and automation.
There will be a focus on innovation in the
supply chain and logistics to reduce costs to wool producers.
The plant will also establish a model that can be replicated in other parts of Australia, and will be the new centre for wool R&D in Australia.

The Opportunity

Favoured Production

Farm Economics favours sheep production in Queensland.

The Nett return on sheep is $17 / Ha / year compared to $6 / Ha / year for Cattle.

The massive predation of the sheep flock by wild dogs has been significantly reduced by the introduction of wild dog fencing.

Wild Dog Fencing

Wool Production

(million Kg)

Hear from the Chairman

Herd 1.png

Together, we could rebuild Australia's dominance in the global wool market.

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